high wycombe recycling centre

We recycle the waste collected is recycled at transfer stations licenced by the Environment Agency.


As part of our dedication to the environment, we recycle as much waste as possible to reduce the amount that goes to landfill. We currently recycle over 80% of waste. We aim to achieve 0% landfill where 100% of waste is recycled.

So, by choosing us, not only will you get a great service at a fantastic price, you’ll also be helping your local environment too.

Recycling Facility & Waste Transfer Station

Most demolished materials and skip contents are transported to our Waste Transfer Station. They are weighed on the weighbridge, the contents noted for your recycling report, and then processed through the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

Wycombe Recycling will typically recycle over 80% of the waste we receive. We recycle food, glass, cardboard, metal, plastic, wood, paper, furniture, and clothing. Some metal, plastics, paper, and board recovered from the waste are sold on. Our commitment to recycling ensures the peace of mind that as little as possible is being sent to landfill from our site.

Wycombe Recycling is also licensed to receive waste from third parties. A price per tonne is charged, which is dependent on what materials are being brought in. Our recycling centre is open to accept waste from 7.30am until 3.45pm weekdays. In order to bring waste to us, you will need a Waste Carriers License, which is available from the EA for £154 and lasts 3 years.

Call us on 01494419929 to check availability.

Environment Agency

We are registered and licensed by the Environment Agency.

Environmental Permit Number EPR/MP3995EH
Waste Management Licence Number EAWML/86363
Waste Carriers Registration Number CB/LE5044UM

Do not use a company that is not registered with the Environment Agency. For further information visit www.environment-agency.gov.uk

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